U.S. Equity Research

Vermilion Macro Vision is a comprehensive, action-oriented, macro-themed book which provides institutional investors critical investment data, including:

  • An examination of the current technical condition of our 12 sectors and corresponding industry groups.
  • Proprietary technical ranking screens for each of our covered sectors and groups.
  • Detailed charts and commentary regarding the current state of the market health, in relation to breadth statistics, commodity/currency movements, interest rate direction, and global market forces.
  • Vermilion Macro Vision is published every 5-6 weeks.

The Insights provides timely equity sector and group opportunities for institutional investors. Ideas are generated through the use of proprietary screens and a comprehensive review of individual graphs. Our ideas are selected on the basis of significant trend inflections, increasing the likelihood for immediate performance. Subscribers receive timely, periodic publications containing graphs and technical commentary for every highlighted group and company mentioned.

In our Vermilion Vital Signs, we rank the most positive and negative U.S. stocks, filter the symbols by market-cap and trading volume, and then divide the companies into sectors and groups. We then manually look through charts of the filtered names for technical significance: breakouts/breakdowns, sector/group themes, relative strength leadership/changes, bottoms-up, short-term patterns that may have long-term significance, etc. This product offers insights, as significant price and relative moves begin in the daily charts.

Our Compass service provides weekly analysis of over 3,000 stocks broken-down by sector and chart cycle. We characterize stocks as being in one of the following seven cycles, each explained in detail in every publication:

Bottom-fishing - Pullback to Support - Up-trends

Basing Momentum - Deterioration - Down-trends - Short Ideas

The Navigator database product is a comprehensive technical appraisal of 12 sectors, 526 industry groups, and 5,500 stocks we track on a weekly basis. The output generated by the Vermilion Navigator serves as a roadmap for institutional investors, providing a clear, digestible understanding the market’s internal drivers, and enabling portfolio managers make better portfolio allocation decisions. The Navigator contains several sections, including:

  • Market internals: Relative and absolute highs/lows, sector/group/stock performance rankings, model portfolio performance.
  • Relative Strength Rank (RSR): our proprietary technical ranking methodology applied to 12 sectors, 510 industry groups and over 5,500 stocks. Rankings are presented at the sector, group, and individual stock level.

The ETF Pathfinder is similar in format to our current Macro Vision product, but is unique in its singular focus on ETFs. The ETF Pathfinder offers a comprehensive technical appraisal of the ETF universe. In addition the Pathfinder provides a relative strength ranking (RSR) by sector and asset class, a sector overview, and selected ETF Charts of Interest where we highlight the most technically significant ETF charts along with a constituent chart to help investors identify significant trends and their component drivers.